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Minutes from HAA Meeting Oct 13 2020

Minutes from the HAA meeting October 13, 2020

Thank you to all who were able to attend the Zoom HAA meeting. Below is a recap of what was discussed.

Mr. Morris opened the meeting with a prayer.

Mr. Morris then provided some updates:

  1. There is a very positive atmosphere and attitude among teachers, students, and the administration in school. All has gone extremely well. For the middle school grades, the teachers travel and the students remain in their classrooms.

  2. We are in the Yellow Zone for COVID. Information has been changing and updates from the Diocese will be provided as it comes in.

  3. If remote learning becomes necessary because of a change in our COVID Zone we are prepared with Google Classroom and Class Dojo. The framework is in place for live instruction and we are in a better place than the spring. Backpacks are heavier because we are unsure if the situation changes and we need to move quickly to remote learning.

  4. Daily prayers, commemoration of saints, and birthdays now happens via a brief PA announcement during the school day.

  5. Educate coaching continues this year to help integrate technology into the school day. Teachers have professional development once a month.

  6. Chromebooks – the chargers have been breaking and we ask students and parents to be careful with them at home. Please keep them flat. There are also some issues with keyboards and monitors. We are waiting for the DeSales rep to come back to try to address the problems. iPads are working fine.

  7. Red Rabbit – we have a free trial for 40-50 students staying after 1:30pm for lunch. Parents can decide if they want to purchase lunch and we will work with Red Rabbit for pricing.

  8. Terranova exams have been pushed to mid-November and will only be held for students physically in school.

  9. iReady has been launched and students have been completing the laborious diagnostics to get the program ready. It has enormous potential as it will be tailored to each student’s level and will improve over time.

  10. The Art & Technology teacher, Mr. Nick, also teaches at Sacred Heart and so must ‘quarantine’ for one week before going back to each school where he teaches in person for 2 weeks. He has been posting online activities and there has been amazing artwork from students (and teachers)!

Lorraine Casey, Board Chair, provided some updates:

  1. Fundraising – we need to change what we do for fundraising to maintain safety protocols. We want to make them fun for students and not onerous on parents. We are planning these fundraisers for the next few months:

  2. Optional $2 Dress Down Days are being held more frequently

  3. Walk-a-thon – Oct 30 for all grades (including Nursery). Information will be sent home but the minimum to participate is $10, with donations more than $50 eligible for a raffle for AirPods.

  4. November:

  5. Pies from Cascon Bakery

  6. Limited number of Advent calendars

  7. Coffee fundraiser which will include ground coffee, whole beans, k-cups, tea, and cocoa. More information will be sent home in mid-November.

  8. December:

  9. Modified Christmas Boutique to ensure social distancing and minimum touching of sale items

  10. Fundraising suggestions from parents:

  11. Zoom Bingo, Kahoot

  12. Catalog-based Christmas Boutique

  13. Saint Charms

  14. T-shirt contest

  15. Virtual Paint Night hosted by Mr. Nick via Zoom

  16. Student Art Gallery

Our next Zoom meeting will be in November. An announcement will go out on Remind/Option C.

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