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At Saint Adalbert Catholic Academy, we pride ourselves in Diversity, Community and Success.  At our school, we offer ...


Safe-environment - In a conflicted society, it’s difficult to find a school where parents feel comfortable sending their children.  We provide a family-friendly and traditional environment where educators continuously monitor the social-emotional development of each child.  Considering the extremely challenging realities found in Middle Schools, we offer a highly-effective structure for learning led by veteran teachers who are well-experienced to best help our growing adolescents.  In addition, each classroom showcases a wide diversity which creates the opportunity to get to know students from varying cultures and backgrounds, forming a very strong foundation of companionship, belonging, and perspective as we truly welcome every student and learn from one another.  


Activities- Our school schedule is filled with countless activities. The classroom environment is centered around engagement with student to student learning opportunities and the integration of technology.  Our special subjects include well-developed music, art, and foreign language programs.  Students participate in a dual indoor/outdoor recess each day and look forward to monthly school-wide events that include dress downs, a Christmas boutique, Catholic Schools Week, and Kid’s Day at the Bazaar.  We also offer after-school programs for all grades 3K to 8.  We are home to a free SONYC after-school program for all grade 6-8 students which specializes in a variety of organized activities including music, robotics, debate, team sports, and forensics.  Our 3K to Grade 5 After-school program includes homework help, Gym, Art, Board Games and other fun activities.  


Collaboration-  Parents are very important stakeholders in our educational process.  We utilize the FACTS Family Portal and communication systems including Parent Alerts, Remind and ClassDojo to keep parents involved in our regular set of activities.  Google Form Surveys are utilized regularly to gauge parent interest and evaluation which helps improve the effectiveness of current programs.  We also strive to create a welcoming and approachable environment where parents are active members of our community.  Your voice truly matters at our school.  


Achievement - Our many structures and systems lead to high student achievement.  Our methods lead to a holistic approach of developing the whole student - spiritually, emotionally, socially, and academically.   Our Catholic identity molds students to become moral leaders serving the community, which are grounded in Christ’s teachings.   We incorporate SEL programs that focus on growth mindset and effective habit-building.  Our students perform extremely well on standardized tests.  Our 8th graders traditionally receive a high number of scholarships and rave reviews from the high schools they attend.  At Saint Adalbert, your student is being prepared for future success as a critical thinker and problem solver.  The joy which resonates throughout our school building is a great testament to the work of each parent, teacher, and classmate.  Achievement is an inevitable product of the collaborative system we have in place.  

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