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Students were assigned a volcano and were required to research that specific volcano’s history as well as creating a 3- dimensional model of their assigned volcano.

Below is some of the information that students researched and learned about their volcano.

  1. The geographic location of the volcano

  2. Classification of volcano

  3. frequency of eruption

  4. shape

  5. Is it active, dormant or extinct

  6. The age of the volcano

  7. Is the volcano a result of a hotspot or of subduction?

  8. General information and interesting facts, myths, legends

  9. Description of eruptions: What type of eruptions does it produce?

  10. Eruption history (how often does it erupt and when it last erupted)

  11. Name of Earth’s plate or plates that surround and have interacted with the volcano.

  12. Identify hazards that have occurred in the past with the volcano or could occur in the future. What was the damage?

Each student did an amazing job on their research paper and a fantastic job on their Volcano models making me feel very proud of their work.

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