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Minutes from HAA Meeting January 9, 2020

Thank you to all who were able to attend the HAA meeting. Below is a recap of what was discussed.

Mr. Morris opened the meeting with a reflection on the Christmas season and the end of it on Sunday Jan 12 on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

Mr. Morris then provided some updates:

  1. New middle school math teacher has started and has been positively received.

  2. 5th grade – Ms. Curtin is leaving on Jan 10 and the grade will be combined under Ms. Temkey with Mr. Morris assisting, particularly with writing.

  3. Strategic Plan – action plans, which are the last steps of the 3 year Strategic Plan, are due on Jan 17. (The Strategic Plan focuses on the 5 domains of Academic Excellence and Programs, Finance and Development, Marketing and Enrollment, Governance and Leadership, and Catholic Identity).

  4. DeSales Technology Grant – the Chromebooks are in.

  5. Catholic Foundation grant –Junior Great Book Program is here! This is an amazing program which the 6th grade started this week with great results thus far.

  6. STREAM lab – a proposal for a has been submitted to the diocese for consideration for a STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion Engineering, Arts and Math) lab. The initial set up would be the science based Lab Learner program. The lab would be set up in the 2nd floor classroom to the left of the computer room.

  7. Tablet Jr. – the Tablet is introducing a section of the newspaper which is written by students. The March edition will feature St. Adalbert!

  8. Catholic Schools Week is during the last week of January.

  9. Principal evaluation – Mr. Morris, as a second-year principal, will be evaluated over 2 days in February. The evaluator will meet with various groups, including parents. If any parents are willing to be a part of the committee to provide feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the school to let them know.

  10. Uniforms – Maria Morelli showed examples of the new uniform for the 20-21 school year post meeting with Flynn & O’Hara.

  11. The boys’ polo shirt will be burgundy and the pants will be dark gray.

  12. The girls’ shirt and tie will be eliminated; only white polos will be used.

  13. The summer shorts for boys and girls will be gray.Lorraine Casey provided some updates:

  14. More information about the uniforms will be forthcoming.

  15. Our last 3 events (Halloween party, Dance for grades 5-7, Christmas party) were successful and brought in approximately $1,200.

  16. Social media – we have 144 followers on Instagram and 246 on Facebook and actively posted pics from our events and from Christmas.

  17. Catholic Schools week

  18. Theme will be about Making a Difference.

  19. We will be holding a contest for students to design a school tshirt which will be able to be worn for dress down days. Some examples of tshirt designs were presented. Designs will be submitted and voted on by students (with administration approval).

  20. The contest winner will be announced at a School Bingo on Friday Jan 31 at 7pm.

  21. Tshirts will be made and sold for $10 each.

  22. Marketing campaign – the Board is working on a marketing campaign with a slogan to use for marketing materials, a banner on Grand Ave., and tshirts. Some sample ideas were presented. Parents indicated that they would be in favor of multiple designs.

  23. Gym shirt – one of the marketing slogans will be made into a gym shirt with the St. Adalbert colors and will be sold through the school rather than Flynn & O’Hara.

  24. Upcoming Events:

  25. Sweetheart Dance Feb 14 7-9pm for grades PreK-4

  26. Adult and child (PreK-4) will be $25. 2 guests may be invited and each guest will be $5 each.

  27. Attendees will get 1 slice of cheese pizza and 1 water. Additional pizza and water will be available for sale for $1 each.

  28. We will have a bake sale and will be asking for contributions.

  29. A flyer with a ticket form will be distributed.

  30. Spring Fling dance for grades 5-7 date TBD

  31. St. Adalbert Ladies Night Apr 3

Our next meeting will be at the end of February. An announcement will go out on Option C.

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