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Congratulations to the Class of 2019 – Our 8th Grade Graduates

A special congratulations to our very special class of 33 graduates who received their diplomas at the end of the 10am mass on Saturday June 15.

An Ode to the 8th Grade Class

Our Blessed Mother Mary, once sang, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my savior.” The words of this great saint provide the ultimate thesis for the extraordinary young men and women you see before us, graduating from the 8th grade. Every single one of them, a beautiful gift of God’s creation, their passions and talents, form … a greatness and spirit that have inspired us each day.

A very special group, the core began in Nursery with additions along the way. They journeyed together and battled the challenges of forming discipline, facing the rigors of countless homework assignments and projects, taking one too many Terranova and New York State Exams to count, but in the end, per-severing through it all.

Their 8th grade year was the ultimate celebration of their great achievements. They continued the cherished traditions of our school, from Spirit Day, to playing popcorn-smelling, pajama Bingo, to one last stop at the games of the Bazaar, their excitement was evident from afar. And as the past two weeks brought their dance, class trip, and final day of school, they sit reflecting, feeling both happy and sad.

They couldn’t do it alone. They had help. With the work and collaboration of a dedicated staff, they were guided a long the path. Classroom routines were formed, academic skills were grasped, and our graduates sit here today thankful and grateful, for everything you have brought. Teachers and staff, we thank you.

After 3pm in the afternoon, teaching and learning doesn’t end. Knowing them your rules, they may also have tried to bend. But the most important teachers in their lives are sitting out behind them. Each family member. Relative. And parent … we thank you.

And to one leader more than all the rest, someone to guide them with strength to be their best, her efforts always full of love to help them rise far above, to their former principal, Sister Kathleen, we thank you.

And lastly, we turn to you, O 8th grade crew. Filling our days with more joy than you ever knew. With your intelligence, wit, personality and charm, success will find you, without harm. With vibrant smiles and laughs out loud, You have simply made us … so proud. Please remember us, in everything you do. Class of 2019, our figurative hats, go off to you.

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