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Remote Learning Reminders

This a reminder that students should:

Have their videos on for live meetings. Videos show that students are present and focused on the lesson. Teachers will give the names of students without videos on to Mr Morris who will contact the parent. If the behavior continues, students will lose points towards their grade for the term. If a student is unable to turn the video on due to a device issue, please contact Mr Morris via Remind or

Students must enter the live sessions with their names showing. Students that change their names will not be allowed to enter or will be removed from the session.

Behave Appropriately

Students who misbehave will be given a warning and then removed from class if the behavior continues. The parent will be contacted. Continued misbehavior will result in deduction of grade.

We are taking efforts to improve our Remote Learning platform from our launch in March. We greatly appreciate your help and support.

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