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Online/Remote Learning Resumes – April 20

We will continue with the framework established before break – Regular Online/Remote Learning instruction Monday through Thursday and Enrichment/Teacher PD Activities on Fridays.

Just to review, these are most up to date schedules:

Teachers in grades Nursery through grade 4 will continue with their current systems and schedules that have been communicated with parents and students.


Explanation of the Framework for Grades 5 -8

*Assignments will be posted before each Subject period. The students will have the whole period to complete the work. Extra time has been added to each subject period in order for students to complete and submit the work.

*If students need more time than the scheduled block, they have until 4pm each day

*There will be NO HOMEWORK assigned. Every assignment should be completed in the subject block. If the student needs more time, they have from 2:30 – 4:00pm each day to complete the work.

*If you need more time to complete assignments that day, send an email to the corresponding teacher, requesting more time. If you do not send a request, assignments will be assessed under the following system:

One day late — Deduction of points (based off the assignment point value)

Two or more days late — Zero points

We feel this recommended schedule is extremely fair. Students that follow their schedule will complete all their work on time and not have to work about missing assignments. And as described above, if a student needs more time or if there is a family issue, communicate with the teacher(s). We are here to help.

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