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Next Week’s Schedule – Updated


  1. Professional Development Day for Teachers.

  2. Parents may call the school to give permission to pick up an iPad or ChromeBook for their students. Before doing so, please fill out the form please fill out this form

  3. Parents who are required to register for a conference will receive an OptionC Parent Alert at 6pm. The Parent Teacher Conference Sign-up link through Option C will open at that time


  1. Online Learning begins – Teachers will either have posted assignments Monday afternoon/evening or Tuesday day. Students have the day to complete the assignments.

  2. Parent Teacher Conference registration is now open to all parents through Option C.

Wednesday – Online Learning continues


  1. Online Learning continues

  2. Parents will be sent Report Cards either through Remind message (photo attachment) or emailed through with a PDF. Method needs to be confirmed with Diocese approval

  3. 5:30pm-7:00pm Parent Teacher Phone Conferences will take place

Friday – Online Learning continues

The Diocese will make an official announcement tomorrow regarding the Mayor’s decision to close schools. More information to follow.

If you have any questions during the online learning process, please reach out to Mr. Morris for help

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