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Important Reminders – School Uniform Policy and Severe Weather Wear

It has been both tradition and policy for students at St Adalbert’s to wear their uniform daily. In the past, on days forecasting severe weather conditions (significant snow and/or freezing temperatures), an exception was made, allowing students to wear their Gym uniforms. These exceptions will continue when warranted, and will be posted on the academy website when declared. However, even though snow is forecasted for tomorrow, the amount is not significant, and students should wear their regular uniforms (girls with Knee-hi’s or tights if they choose). Boots are always allowed in snow, just so the students bring their regular shoes to change into, as well.

Also, many students have begun to wear hooded sweatshirts, which do not fall under the uniform policy. If students choose to wear warmer clothing in the classroom, they have the option of the maroon fleece or uniform sweater. If a student’s hooded sweatshirt is his/her only clothing for arrival/dismissal and recess, it will be allowed to be worn outside. However, once inside the building and settled, the hooded sweatshirts are not to be worn. We are currently discussing the inclusion of monthly dress-down day fundraisers, which is practiced by many other private schools. Only on a dress-down day, would a hooded sweatshirt be acceptable attire. More information is to come.

Dress codes call for a greater standard of presentation and excellence to be held by all. As a college education professor once told my class, “You should dress in a way that will inspire your students to be.” A uniform policy instills a sense of professionalism in students, which creates a discipline that could greatly help them in their future endeavors. This is the way we want our students “to be”.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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