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Dress Down Day Policy


On Tuesday, we will have a Dress-Down Day, which many other Catholic Schools utilize throughout the year. Most schools link them to a fundraiser or cause, and we will link ours with the Academy’s general operating account, which will greatly appreciate the contributions. The cost to participate in Dress-Down Day is $2 and can be handed in to the teacher by hand or by envelope (similar to our pizza money routine). If the day goes well, we will continue the days on a monthly basis.

All clothes must be modest and reflect the values expected at St. Adalbert Catholic Academy. Students must be able to perform all regular school activities, including Gym, without changing or removing any parts, shoes, or clothing.

SHIRTS/TOPS – Must have sleeves and no writing or symbols that are inappropriate for school. No tight fitting tops are allowed.

PANTS – Jeans, athletic, or other dress/casual. No holes or rips allowed. No tight fitting jeans or other pants (such as yoga) are allowed.

SHOES – Shoes must have a back strap or closed heel. Crocs, sandals, slippers, and high heels are not allowed.

Classes with Gym must wear sneakers.

Since we are having a pajama day during Catholic Schools week, please do not wear pajamas.

If students come wearing something inappropriate, they will be sent to the office and a call home will be made for someone to bring appropriate attire.

After reading the above, if you have any questions on whether something is appropriate or not, please feel free to ask Mr. Morris. We appreciate your understanding and participation.

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