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Congratulations to our 8th Grade Graduates !!!

Here is the Principal’s Address to the Graduates who graduated on June 12 at 6pm

Dear 8th Grade Graduates-

8 years ago, 24 of you celebrated your 1st graduation together, on what was truly a wonderful day. Since that time, there have been 11 wonderful additions to make our Class of 2020 so very special. You have grown, matured, and overcome a lot over the years. In March we unfortunately encountered an unexpected and unknown pandemic of COVID19, that ended up taking away many opportunities to celebrate your graduating year. Sadly, we cannot go back, but today, we want to truly honor you for what you’ve brought to our academy. Your resilience … loyalty … and strength … You have been taught the virtues of faith, hope, and love, and you have grown to show these to one another. Through this pandemic, you have stayed strong and risen above … The achievement that we celebrate, truly embodies your spirit and joy found in the moments with one another that will never be forgotten by any of us here.

We thank you for all your hard work, your willingness to be taught, and every contribution you made to our academy, especially through your work as safeties and in moments of leadership. We are grateful for the foundation created by the work of your parents and all of the teachers you’ve had here at the school. We thank especially your 8th grade teachers Mrs Q /Ms. Laghezza, and Mrs. Scarola for everything they have done to help you along the way. You have been given an establishment of skill and character that you will continue to grow, as you strive to find your purpose in life. Please remember all the great gifts that God has given you, and to always give glory to Him through all you do. You must leave us now but St. Adalbert will always be your home. Congratulations to the Class of 2020. We are ALL so very proud of you.

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