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Catholic High School update 111

Clarification on High School Applications- Catholic Schools

There have been many questions regarding the High School Application process. On December 15, all Catholic high schools in our Diocese received information from the academies for all students who had signed up for accounts at This information includes all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Report Card Grades and a recommendation for each student. The high schools are now using the student’s order of preferences, TACHS results, grades and recommendation information in making their offer lists to each student. High schools will begin notifying students/families on Wednesday January 13 and academies have been notified that it may take for up to two weeks for a school to contact you with this information (the method of each is different – phone call, email, land mail, etc).

Many parents have also created online applications for certain high schools. I recently spoke with an admissions counselor who confirmed that this is an unneeded step if your student is in the TACHSinfo database. The high school already has your student’s information.

For those parents requesting additional report cards and letters of recommendation, please provide the school (teacher or principal) with the documented request and/or recommendation form. Many high schools requested that parents do NOT reach out to admissions at this time. As you can imagine, the amount of questions and requests to them would be overwhelming. We can best help them at this time by not duplicating work for them. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mr Morris

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