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TUITION INFORMATION and PLANS for the 2019-2020 School Year

It is our goal each year to keep tuition rates constant or to increase rates as minimally as possible. However, due to rising expenses, we do need to implement a increase of tuition for the upcoming school year.

If you compare the tuition at St. Adalbert Catholic Academy with those of our neighboring private schools, you will find that our rates are low (and often the lowest). We are also able to offer the advantages of small class size ratios for most grades that are also the lowest in the area. This is an amazing opportunity and we will continue to work towards the improvement of instruction across all grade levels.

Other Plans for the Upcoming School Year

*Addition of the Junior Great Books/Great Books curriculum for Grades K-8, a wonderful research based program designed to improve critical thinking skills, speaking and discussion opportunities, and text-based reading and writing

*Developed Writing Portfolios across the grade levels

*GoMath used uniformly across Grades K-8

*Brand new Social Studies Textbooks in Grades 7-8 (Other grades will follow)

*Implementation of iPads and Chromebooks for each classroom through the DeSales Media Grant and Family Participation in the Program (See website post) or

*Multiple Field Trips for each grade

*Formation of a Home / Academy Association (the Diocese’s version of a PTA)

We will continue to work towards improvement in all areas so you can be satisfied with your experience at St. Adalbert. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Mr. Morris

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