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Parent Teacher Conference Sign-Ups

We are very impressed with the record high number of signups and interest in this week’s Parent Teacher Conferences. In order to fit in all interested parents who wish to meet with teachers, we ask those parents with students who have exceeded standards or recently had conversations with teachers, to keep your conference to a minimum so our teachers can fit in all parents who may be waiting, over the next two days. We appreciate your understanding and consideration.

Parents who have not been able to register, please reach out to the teacher to find a suitable time so you are not in the Waiting Room for the entire session. Conferences are not first come, first serve. Teachers will stick to the original appointments and then take additional parents if they are able. If you are not able to meet with a teacher over the next two days and would like to, please reach out to the office and we will find a time for you that works and will provide coverage for the teacher for a 10 minute conference next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday during the school day.

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