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Spring Music Concert- Videos of each performance

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

On Tuesday June 13, our students performed an afternoon concert for our school and then at 6:30pm for our parents and family members. Please see the links of each performance below. A special thanks to the students for their amazing effort and for Mr. Tambakis for directing and preparing them.

Class 6-1

The Greatest Showman

Life Light

Class 7-1

Bohemian Rhapsody

Somebody to Love

Class 7-2

Take on Me

Eye of the Tiger

Class K-1

Hello Song

One More Step

I am a Promise

Class 1-1


I Love Spring

Class 2-1

Cowboy Johnny


Piano Solo

You Can Be a Cowboy

Class 3-1

Coming to America


Class 4-1

Medieval Dance Circle

Soldier, Poet, and King

Class 5-1

Waka Waka


Class 8-1

Viva La Vida

We're All in this Together

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