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Drop-Off/Pick-up Information – Tuesday and Wednesday

This is a short summary of what will happen with the drop-off and pick-up over the next two days

1) Please arrive during your one of your assigned time slots

2)Enter through the staff parking lot entrance and go to a drive-in or walk-in lane. (If you are in a vehicle, please stay in the vehicle)

3) It would be very helpful if you could have the name and class of the student on a piece of paper to give to the helper working at your station.

4) A helper will give you a labeled plastic bag to return text books and classroom materials and another labeled bag for checked out devices (please include the charger).

5) You will put the items in the bags, and then give to the helper.

6) The helper will then give you a plastic bag with all the student’s items from the classroom.

The exchange process should be very quick which will allow for a smooth exit and entrance of the next vehicles.

Also, Yearbooks will be on sale for $25 if you would like to buy one.

If you are unable to arrive during your time slot, please contact the office or use St Adalbert Remind to let us now.

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