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Our Lady of Fatima - Family Statue Program

Our school recently received a gift of a beautiful Our Lady of Fatima statue that was used in a school program to increase family prayer and devotion to our Blessed Mother. We are pleased to announce that we will be starting a similar program here. Next year, we will be receiving more statues, but for now, we will be sending our statue home to a different family for the remaining three weeks of school.

If you are interested in hosting our Blessed Mother for one of the few remaining weeks of school, complete this short form or send in a note with your student tomorrow.

We will have a drawing over the loudspeaker during afternoon prayer to announce this week’s host.

Take Home Date Return Date

Week 1 Wednesday June 8 to Tuesday June 15

Week 2` Tuesday June 14 to Tuesday June 21

Week 3 Tuesday June 21 to Thursday June 23

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